Saturday, December 23, 2006

Making San Francisco Safe and Fun for Dogs - San Francisco's Dog Blog

Welcome to San Francisco's "Dog Blog," where we hope to inspire a new era of dog-centric living in our great City. San Francisco goes with dogs the way peanut butter goes with kongs. But a dog's life isn't always grand in the City:
Over 60% of San Francisco residents are renters, yet almost all rental units preclude renters from owning dogs.
Not enough restaurants, cafes, and businesses accommodate dogs.
Our dog parks aren't safe, and Animal Care and Control won't help until after your dog is lost, bitten, or killed.
Public transit is hardly dog friendly: dogs pay the full fare on MUNI and they can't ride during commute hours.
We know San Francisco can do better. On the Dog Blog, we will bring these basic issues to light and help make San Francisco more accessible to our dogs.